Swiss on board

The focus of this project was bringing the brand identity of an airline company to the on board flight attendant panel (F.A.P.).

Neither Aribus nor Swiss were directly involved in the project.

Redesign of the flight attendant panel for Swiss

The challenge

On the Airbus A350 the flight attendant panel (F.A.P.) is equipped with a standard software that is independent from the company owning the plane. 

A target that most of the airlines are currently aiming for is bringing their brand identity also in those interfaces that are not targeted to the customer.

This project therefore tries to analyse and bring into this new environment the Swiss brand identity. 

About the project

Learning outcomes:

• Development of good skills of UI prototyping (Sketch and Principle);

• Improved skills in brand analysis and brand implementation

My project team :

This project was personally developed


2 week project

More about this project is coming soon!