• Paolo Camerin

When you have all the LEGO you want.

In this post I want to share some of the builds that I had the opportunity to create while working in Billund, in the amazing Innovation House, the magical place where most of LEGO creations are born.

During my experience in Denmark I had the opportunity to work on one of the coolest project I could possibly imagine: LEGO® Super Mario and I still can't believe how lucky I have been. This said, for confidentiality reasons I cannot talk much about the project, but I will instead share some of the builds I created in my spare time, absolutely not related to that project, while working in the Innovation House.

Let's get started!

1 - The weighted companion cube

I am a huge fan od Portal, and I took the opportunity to create one of my favourite objects that is possible to find in the game. I love the symmetry and how well the corner hold together the whole composition.

2 - The shrimp

This is inspired from a friend, one day I didn't know what to build and she came to mind. So I started and a couple of hours later this came out. I am still impress from the level of detail that I managed to reach considering the time spent on it. Having EVERY LEGO PIECE available does help, I have to say.

3 - The great and only,


If you don't know it then you should!

The Tiny Chef (here you can see his instagram page. PLEASE FOLLOW) is the cutest character on Instagram and I love him. Hence I created my small tribute to him!

And here I can say something more about my building "technique"... that basically is...let's say, VERY fragile.

Some how I managed to bring it home to Italy during the Christmas vacations but there is gonna stay for the rest of its life. It disassemble just looking at it... anyways, here it is!

🚓 Disclaimer:

Most of my builds are also filled with "illegal" ways of assembly pieces... but well...

4 - Porcino, the king of mushrooms

This is just a mess, and it was crazy to build. I really wanted to have te most organic feeling I could get from the LEGO pieces, and this is the result. Crazy fragile but so intricate to become fascinating.

5 - Passiflora, the passion fruit flower.

The story behind the name of this flower is very interesting by itself, and I invite you to go to wikipedia and read about it.

It is one of my mom's favourite flowers and we have a plant of it outside my home in Italy.

I have always been fascinated by its complex structures and multiple fine details.

Trying to translate all of it into LEGO pieces has been both a challenge and a very good observation exercise. It didn't come out perfect, because of certain limitations that LEGO has, but still, I believe it is a pretty good result.

That was it! Many of the models I have worked on are still in the Innovation House and a piece of me will stay with them as well. I have been so lucky to have worked at LEGO, even if only as an intern, and I am grateful to everyone that have contributed to this small but extremely valuable experience.



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