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UID 21 - An interactive proposal

I love creative coding, that is not a secret, and when the theme for UID 21 was selected I couldn't refrain from the idea of try and visualise it, somehow, through code.

The selected name was "Shift Shapers", not the most beloved theme maybe, hearing comments from people at school, and yet it won. I love it just for the inspiration that gives me from a visual point of view. Isn't the duty of a designer that of creating that shift for the better?

Anyways, among other students, I also volunteered as graphic designer to deliver a proposal for this year and for this theme. Being extremely busy for my thesis didn't help at all but the weekend before the deadline I finally decided to sit down and sketch it out in Javascript. It took me no more than a couple of hours to develop the skeleton of what follows and after some detailing I was ready to deliver.

Here is an example... I am joking, keep scrolling!

The idea was to play with the typography and create a shift in the points defining the letters in order to obtain a dynamic and organic result. Something that would feel alive on the website and at the same time could be interactive for the visitor.

Here you can see an example of the "editor" and the different possible interactions.

The second mode of the proposal was even more interactive, where the visitors of the website could personalise the logo literally shifting and manipulating its structure.

Here are some examples:

And why not, let them just play around with it....

Here it is... my proposal for UID 21!

Unfortunately (or fortunately, considering all the additional work I dodged 😅) it didn't win the contest and another student got to bring forward his idea. 🙂

Still, I wanted to share this little project because better than anything else exemplify my passion and love for creating digital and interactive experiences that not only can give an expression to and define the visual identity of a brand ( or in this case a school) but also engage the user into be part of it and make it their own.

Would you like to try it yourself?? Please feel free to play around with it at this link

If you would like to talk about this stuff or share interesting works with me please reach out at any moment!

Also consider visiting my Instagram where I often post small projects and sketches of this kind and much much more --> @G3N0M4


Paolo 🍕

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