• Paolo Camerin

Multidimensional fun

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Something that I really enjoy doing whenever I have some time, is making 3D models and render them. It doesn't really matter what, but I find so fun all the process of creating the model, set up the composition, pick colours or material and render out some cool image.

In this case I modelled and rendered everything with Cinema 4D ❤️.

These for example are some images I prepared for one of the pub we host at the Design School once every 2 weeks.

I experimented also with low-poly modelling and rendering, an activity that I found extremely fun and relaxing, almost contemplative.

I created some animals, here below you can see a badger, in different environments.

A robin, I love robins...

...some more imaginary environment...

...and finally my dream house :) .

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