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A contact point between two realities

The Vindeln River Valley is a sparsely populated countryside area and a designated Biosphere Reserve in the Västerbotten region in Northern Sweden.


The tourist enterprises and inhabitants in this area seek to increase the number of incoming visitors, either local, from other parts of Sweden, or from abroad.

What is Härsele?


Härsele is portal, a meeting point of two very different and yet very close realities.

It is a tool aimed to generate curiosity and foster interest towards those rural areas around the cities that are often forgotten.

With Härsele, people populating those areas are finally able to manifest their presence in the city and in this way they can attract visitors showing what the place has to offer. 

About the project

10 week project

Learning outcomes:

• Research techniques such as shadowing and user research living together with the users. 

• Fast digital and physical prototyping in order to test different concepts with the users.

The team
My project team :

Joan Pablo Farré - IxD (UID)

Nancy Tsai - Art Center, Pasadina, California 

My contribution:

I focused in particular in the development and prototyping of the user experience.

I did this both from a digital and physical point of view exploring virtual reality and physical interfaces.


More about this project is coming soon!

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