Future Things

Using machine learning to enhance and foster human creativity

Project created during the Machine Learning Course held by Andreas Refsgaard and Jen Sykes at the Umeå Institute of Design 

What is this about?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most powerful tools ever invented. Can designers integrate it in their workflow and make good use of it fostering human qualities? 

This is what this project is about, take Machine Learning algorithms and make them integral part of the design and idea generation process.

About the project

1 week

Learning outcomes:

• Training ML models in Runway 

• Javascript to interface with the trained models and generate limitless cards. 

The team
My project team :

Joan Pablo Farré - IxD (UID)

Manu Revi - IxD (UID)​

My role:

Ideation - Planning and coding of the applicative in Javascript - Graphic design.

Tools used: 

p5.js - Runway and Style GAN model - GPT-2 

Future things0049.JPG

A tool to imagine with

We all know how difficult it is sometimes to break the ice at the beginning of a conversation, being this with a person or about a topic we are not confident about. 
This project aimed to create an ice breaker, a tool to make that initial barrier easier to overcome and help people unleash their immagination. 

How we did it

The cards are generated using a combination of three tools: 
1 - Javascript web application written using p5.js


This program was the center of the system, coordinating the collection of the data and the creation of the final output.

Future things0083.JPG
2 - Style GAN model

This model was trained on hundreds of images of design objects from the present and the past.

3 - GPT-2 pre-trained text model


From a series of prompt a sentence was generated and sent back to the program to complete the card.