A drawing machine

Draw_R is a robotic installation.
It is part of my thesis which concluded my bachelor degree in Painting in Urbino, Italy.

It is related to my research, focused on the history of  automatons.

It represent the end of both a study and personal journey, and it is representative of my personal development and my relation with painting and new technology.

Painting within me.


This project is a symbolisation of my personal development and growth as an artist.

I started my journey at the Academy of Fine Arts with an old and utopic idea of what art and specifically painting was.

The transformation that this idea had in my mind is well represented in the shift of media that I personally went through. 

From traditional drawing and oil painting to analog and digital photography to eventually end up in what I consider the magical world of code and robotics. 

About the project


Thesis Project

BFA in Painting

Accademia di Belle Arti, Urbino, Italy


Learning outcomes: 

Processing, LEGO Mindstorms software

This project is a metaphorical transfer.
What I felt as a duty is now delegated to something other than me. 
Breaking down this process in small bits of code trying to take it and express it out, made me eventually learn a lot about how that same process works in my mind.