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A seamless car maintenance

Bilista is a mobility app created for the Gjensidige Mobility Group in Norway. It is designed as a platform through which users from all over Norway can find information about their cars and easily manage anything connected to their vehicles, from booking a repair service to have an overview of their driving spending.

This is a project I am currently working on at EGGS Design in Oslo, Norway

The challenge

Gjensidige, one of the biggest players in the Norwegian insurance landscape, at the end of 2021 decided to create an app that would allow their customers to seamlessly deal with as many of the services that are needed when owning a car.

Bilista is the first stage towards creating that comprehensive platform where users can find all they need in order to take care of their cars. From booking a service, to manage their toll passings and much more.

About the project
Project duration:

Joined April 2022 - Current

​My roles
  • UX and UI design

  • Responsible for user insights and interviews throughout the iterative design process

  • Responsible for prototyping and testing

  • Responsible for the development of 
component library and illustration library in accordance with brand identity

prototypes and wireframes.png

Wireframes and testing

The design cycle for the Bilista app always starts with an idea, a concept that aims to improve the life of the user around their car maintenance.

From this starting point, we first have conversations with the users, to try and pinpoint particular aspects of that activity that needs to be addressed by the new feature, and then we move to the prototyping table.

Component library.jpg

Bilista UI
Component Library

One of the biggest challenges was to develop a component library that was easy to use throughout the design and that could adapt to a brand identity that was still developing.

This was possible not only by using Figma in all it’s capabilities but also by creating an optimised workflow between the design and development teams.

UI and UX Design



Making the user
feeling at home

The dashboard is the place where the user can always come back to find their cars and the information connected to them. Here they can find the power-ups and access their user settings.



Toll passings,
made easy

In Flyt the users can access detailed information and analytics about their car usage and costs, receive invoices and manage the toll tags connected to their account.



Provide precise and timely information

Providing reliable and precise information at the right time is crucial. Therefore here we have implemented a warning system that not only displays different levels of warning via colour coding but also uses specific icons, to make it as accessible as possible.

Motion design

A short video created in Blender to showcase the initial functionalities of the app 


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